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Harmful Smoothies & Death Cleaning??? What I'm Reading

What I'm reading right now.

I get several emails and come across many tweets, instagram posts and Pinterest finds every day.

Here's what I'm reading this week:

The catchy title on this one definitely caught my attention:
This Super-Common Mistake Can Make Your Smoothies Harmful to Your Health


Any green smoothie lovers out there?  It's truthfully been a while since I've made one.  The article talks about why you should switch out your greens often when you make green smoothies.  I have a tendency to gravitate toward one green when I make my smoothies:  spinach.  The article was a good reminder why I shouldn't!  As of right now, though, I've given up spinach to test out a low histamine diet.  I'm not perfect at it, but I figure as long as I'm lowering the amount of histamine foods in my diet, I should at least see some improvement.  I have some eczema spots that have been pretty bad for a while.  Last week I did some research to find out if eczema gets worse in menopause.  Turns out it is very likely because of all of the changes that the skin goes through when your hormones start changing.  That darn estrogen influenced so many things.

If you've never been to the mindbodygreen website in the link above, you should.  I could stay on the site all day reading, if I had the time.

Oh my!  This next one will really get you thinking, and if you're going through Menopause, you might think "Whatever!  I don't care what people think!"  Just wait for it, you'll see what I'm talking about if you decide to read the article!  Apparently, one of the nice side effects of being this age is that you begin to not care as much about what other people think.  I'm not quite there yet.  But, I'm getting there.  The article does make a good point though about why you might want to start decluttering now.

'Swedish Death Cleaning' is the New Decluttering Trend 


And I'm wondering if the jewelry that my mom passed on to us last time we were home was part of her Swedish Death Cleaning process!  Say it isn't so!

Black Friday Specials on Lipstick, Room Sprays & Ultra Hydrating Body Creme #AD

The Black Friday specials for Lemongrass Spa start now!

I've been an Independent consultant for Lemongrass Spa for a while now.  A while ago I was looking for products that were more natural than the products that I typically used.  It started to freak me out a little to think about all of the chemicals that I was putting on my skin.  All of the Lemongrass Spa products are 97 - 100% natural and include makeup, skincare, body care, a men's line, a baby line, hair care and essential oils.

(I am an independent consultant for Lemongrass Spa. If you purchase through my website I will make a commission.  Let me know if you'd ever like any info about the products or opportunity)

UPDATE:  As of 2:55 on 11/22/17 $8 Lipsticks are SOLD OUT!  Ultra Hydrating Body Creme and Room Sprays are still available.

Two of our holiday room sprays are 50% off ~~ Candy Cane and Frosted Cranberry.  On sale for only $4.50
(Limit of 2 per person per order)

(Limit of 2 per person per order)

Hope if you're in the US, you are having a good week and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Let me know if you ever have any questions about Lemongrass Spa.

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Just Reached Menopause? It's Okay to be Sad (or Not)

Sometime in the middle of September, it had been 12 months since the last time I had a period.  I called it the middle of September because I only had one little brownish spot in October of 2016.  And then that was the last time I ever saw any signs of getting my period.  Period.

When the middle of September came up this year, and I realized that my period and the childbearing years of my life were over, it hit me hard.   I mean stay in bed, cover my head with covers and shut out the world hard.
image source

Ugly cry for days hard.  Not want to see my friends or leave the house hard. Canceling plans with friends because I wanted to bury myself hard.  Thoughts of  "does it even matter if I'm here?" hard. Eat junk or nothing hard.  Crying while driving, when I had to leave the house hard. As many ways as I can express how hard this realization was for me. . . . it was that hard and then some.

I really wanted to write this post when I was right in the middle of all those emotions so that I could make it a truer post, but it never happened.  If I could get myself back to that point of desperation and sadness for you guys, I would, just so that you could know how really sad I was.  Because, if I could help just one person who is also going through it at the same time realize that "yes, it's okay to be sad" then I would! Yes, I would do that to myself to help someone else. I was sad and that was okay.  I needed the time to mourn my loss.

Even though we weren't ever going to have more kids, it absolutely sucks that my body is now saying, "Yep. Absolutely never gonna happen!"  And my oldest child is only 13 years old!!!  That fact also means that my kids are either in puberty or will be in puberty soon.  THAT fact may actually be better.  I feel like my emotions are better now.  Now that I'm over the sadness, that is.

Back in March and April, when I was about 6 months to the end, I was miserably angry.  Like the worst kind of PMS in the world, angry.  It was so bad.  I was tense for several days.  And even my hair was pissing me off.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  That's when I posted this Instagram:
A post shared by Quirky Homemaker | Blogger (@quirkyhomemaker) on

The hair drove me so crazy, I got my hair cut. My hubby asked me if I cut my hair just to spite him~~ because we were arguing a lot then~~because of those horrible hormones.  Like I would seriously get my haircut just to make him mad.  What?

Now, I feel fine.  Whatever my hormones were going through at that point in time is gone now.  So, I guess it's better that I'm in menopause when my kids start to get all hormonal on me.  At least one of us will be more even-keeled.

Another reason it hit me hard is because usually when you see anything relating to menopause, you always see older women.  I picture a grandmother, not a woman with a 13 year old and a 10 year old. I hit menopause about 5 years earlier than the average age.

I was sad because I know that I'm going to have to deal with a lot more health issues now, from bone loss to heart issues.  I've already shrunk a 1/2" in the past year!  Good grief!  And at some point we'll be discussing the intimacy issues that menopause creates.  Again, good grief!  I plan on tackling all of the physical issues one at a time.

Now that the sadness is gone, I just wanted to tell you~~ it's okay to be sad, if you're sad.  It's okay to want to hide for a month until you've dealt with all of the emotions.  Hopefully your sadness won't last for more than a month and you can get on with this new chapter of your life!

It's okay to be sad when you go into menopause!  (If you feel like it becomes too intense or lasts too long, you might want to let your doctor know, though.)

On the flip side, I know a lot of women are happy when they hit menopause.  And that's okay, too.  (I don't understand it!  But, it's okay.)

No two women are alike.  None of us are going to have the same experiences, the same feelings or the same symptoms that go along with menopause.  I'm just hoping that we can all support each other and learn from each other.

If you've reached menopause, which were you?  Happy or Sad?  Or maybe a mix of the two?

Checked Off One More Thing on My 50 Before Fifty List! WW

Quite a while ago, I made my 50 Before Fifty list.  Since I've made it, I've decided that there are a couple things that I'm going to have to take off the list or move to a "sometime" list.  There was ONE thing on the list that I finally did this week!  I went to Chuck e Cheese and played $10 worth of Skee Ball without the kids.  Haha.. My arm is a little sore today and I figured it would be!

$10 = 40 games.  On my next to last game. . . . . yep. after already playing over 304 balls, I finally made it over 30,000 points.  Never did hit that darn 10,000 hole, though!  I've done it before years ago, but I'm sure it was an accident.  After everything was over and I took my tickets to the ticket muncher, I had a whopping 132 points. . . . . which I could switch in for 13 tootsie rolls.  Too funny!

I was going to give the candy to my kids yesterday since I'm trying not to eat sugar, but those darn kids walked in the door yesterday arguing about candy.  I'm not even kidding!  One of them was accusing the other of stealing her candy.  As if they don't have anything better to talk about.  Such is life with sugar obsessed pre-teens.

I didn't get many photos of my jaunt to the skee ball lanes, but here you go. Proof that I can check another thing off my list.  .  .  .  .  . 'cause I'm pretty sure I won't be doing a split this year!  That might take me the rest of my 3 years left to stretch enough to be able to do that!  That and those 20 real pushups!

Woo Hoo!  More than 30,000 on skee ball!  

When was the last time you played Skee Ball?

Also I need ideas for things to do since I'm going to be taking these OFF the list!

  • Read every book on my shelves~~NOT gonna happen. I've already de-cluttered some of them, anyway
  • Drive Historic Route 66
  • Learn how to use a DSLR camera
I need 3 NEW Ideas!

Wordish Wednesday | Photos from the 'pause

Welcome to the first Wordless Wednesday at my new blog!
This photo will be known as the beginning of the end.

 It was September last year (2016).   Right around this time was the beginning of the final year leading up to actual Menopause OR the beginning of the last year of Perimenopause, although of course I didn't know it at the time.  (Sorry Men! I assume most of you have wives, though. . . . . . and you know what. . . . . if your wife is around this age, be nice for goodness sakes!) 

 I was all like,  "Look out 47!  I'm coming for you at midnight!"  and my friends and I were headed for Oktoberfest for my birthday.  Luckily, I didn't break my hand again that year.  Little did I know it would be my last "normal" year.

THIS next picture will forever be known as the last weekend my life was normal.  This one is from June 2017.  It's right before all of my not very fun symptoms started to appear.  Luckily, it only took me about 4 months to kind of, sort of, figure out what was going on and put some protocols in place to deal with it.

I hope you all have a blessed Wednesday and enjoy the rest of your week.  And just to remind you,

Don't take everything too seriously, because life is short!

Welcome to Quirky's Mixed Up Midlife

Hello there!  I'm the Quirky Homemaker.  
Quirky Homemaker and her new blog about menopause, midlife, gray hair, fitness, fashion and food in the +40 Year old age group | Quirky's Mixed Up Midlife

Welcome to Quirky's Mixed Up Midlife

Some of you may know me from my original blog Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life.  

I started this new blog because I felt like I needed a place where I could meet and talk to like-minded women who are going through the same things I'm going through right now and although I intend to keep this blog completely appropriate, because I just don't have it in me to be otherwise (unless I've had one too many glasses of wine and that's just not happening right now because I'm trying to see if it will help with these dang menopause symptoms!!!), I wouldn't usually use words like vagina on my other blog.  And let's face it, there's a lot going on with our girl parts that a whole bunch of nobody is talking about.  Otherwise, I would have expected the things that are going on right now.  I would have already known about them!!!  It's time for people to start talking about it, even though it's completely embarrassing (for me at least), so that we can help each other and all of our sisters who are coming up behind us.

If you're a middle-aged woman, give or take a few hormones, who is in need of a friend to talk to about all of the ways our body is changing during menopause, the feelings we are having, the physical issues AND 

you also enjoy fashion, fitness and trying to figure out this whole FOOD thing during menopause,

Then YOU might be:


Got gray hair???  Bonus points for you.  
I won't hold it against you though, if you don't!  

Still have tweens and teens at home, DOUBLE BONUS POINTS . . . . YOU are TOTALLY my Flippin' People!

But if you don't have kids at home, it's okay. I started having kids kind of late and started menopause kind of early.  

If you have anything you'd like to talk about, let me know.  I hope that we can help each other through this thing we call