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5 Older Women Who Basically Kick Ass; Inspiration for the New Year!

So, as many of you know, I entered menopause in 2017.  That left me feeling old, fragile and worn down.  That is the reason I made my word of the year for 2018 "Tenacious."  I wanted a word that was strong and would inspire me to get my strength back and never give up!

I was scrolling through Facebook today and saw a 70ish ballerina dancing en pointe.  When I saw her, I remembered other older women I had seen in videos before who were also killing it in life.  I decided to find videos of them and put them all in one place, so if you need inspiration to keep living life to the fullest and find your strength this year. . . . here you go!  Here are 5 women in their 70s, 80s, or 90s, who as I said, basically kick ass and are killing it at life.

Yeah, baby!

Here is the ballerina that one of my friends forwarded on Facebook.  I went to YouTube to search for the video and here she is.  Isn't she beautiful?

I had seen a video of this woman in the past couple years, too.  She basically rocks.  I mean, come on!  I can't even do 1 pushup in my 40s.  She is an inspiration for sure.

I love yoga and really need to get back into it.  There are many parts of my body that just aren't as flexible or strong as they used to be.  I'm really having a problem with my left hamstring.  About 6 months ago, I realized that I can't stretch my left leg and the hamstring is really tight, like a rubber band that is about to break.  I have no idea what that is about!  Just aging?  Something else?  At any rate, doing yoga again would be nice and this woman is going to be my inpiration!

So, I can't run marathons, because I can't run.  Having kids did me in for that one.  I have walked 2 half marathons in the past, though.  I love that this woman was still running marathons and raising money for leukemia well into her 90s.  You go girl!  It looks like Hariette passed away in 2017, but she will always be an inspiration to me!

 You guys might have seen this video when it was floating around, too. Another strong, beautiful, older woman who is such an inspiration!

 I hope you found inspiration in these videos and know that we can all keep going well into our older years as active, relevant people~

 Happy New Year!!!

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