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Days 1 - 3 of My January Whole30

Last year,  I did the January Whole30.  Although I made it through the entire 30 days, it did not change my lifestyle.  If I remember correctly, I ate 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies after it was over.  😆  I WON'T be falling into that failure trap again!  PLEASE, for the love of everything healthy. . . . . . . PLEASE don't try to sell me your Girl Scout cookies again. Ummm. . . . . . PLEASE!   Haha!

 And then, let's not even talk about the Easter time Sweetart Jelly Beans.  My all-time FAVORITE candy that I wait for ALL year.  I think I did well this past year, though. I only went through 2 or 3 bags . . . . instead of like, five or six or . . .. twenty.  Sometimes I buy them and hide them for later.  And I hide them from my daughter. My son doesn't like jelly beans, so I only have to hide them from one kid!   I just don't even think you can comprehend how much I love those things.  And the creators of Sweetart are marketing geniuses, because I seriously wait all year for those things to come out again!

Hopefully I'll do better AFTER the Whole30 this year, but I'm not gonna lie.  I'm probably gonna buy Sweetart Jelly Beans again.

At any rate, I've done pretty well the first 3 days.  I began my Whole30 on January 2nd this year, the same way I did last year.  I think a lot of people began it on January 1st, so I'm a day behind some people.

So far though, no wine, no popcorn, no other alcohol or grains or beans or sugar or dairy or. . .

Yeah, I'm doing well.  The only exception I'm making this time is that my supplement that I take has stevia in it.  I'm not willing to give it up this year the way I did last year.

Here is a look at the things I've been eating on days 1 - 3 of the Whole30.  There are some times that I've eaten an apple & some nuts or baby carrots that I don't have pictures for.  You're not technically supposed to "snack" on the Whole30, but I need snacks.  And I'm not trying to lose weight.  I don't NEED to lose any more weight.  That would probably be a bad thing.  So, I eat my snacks.

My breakfast on Day 1 was Kale with an egg, blackberries and coffee.

Lunch on Day 1 was leftover cabbage and sauerkraut, with just a tiny bit of leftover pork.

Sometime between these two meals, I had baby carrots to snack on.

Dinner on Day 1 was Ground Beef stirfried with zucchini, broccoli, onion and green pepper with a side of Roasted Potatoes.

Breakfast Day 2 was leftover potatoes & beef stirfry with an egg and Matcha green tea.

Day 2 Snack=

Day 2 Lunch was Kale with an egg, green pepper strips, green olives and a cup of beef broth.

Day 2 Dinner was Salmon cooked with olive oil, green beans, roasted sweet potato and cucumber slices.

Day 3 Breakfast was an apple, an egg, some almonds, a little green pepper and some kind of tea. . . I don't even remember what kind.

Day 3 lunch was ground beef with Kale and Zucchini noodles.

Day 3 snack was olives

Day 3 dinner was a Romaine salad with carrots & cucumber, topped with baked chicken.  And a side of White Sweet Potatoes.  I had never seen White Sweet Potatoes before, but our local store had 2 pound bags on sale for .49¢  So, I got 3 bags. I have no idea why I didn't just grab everything they had.  Maybe I thought we wouldn't use them up in time.  Silliness.  I should have just grabbed them all! They were obviously trying to get rid of them!

And that my friends was Day 1 - 3 on my Whole30 so far. 

Have you ever tried Whole30, Paleo or a Keto Diet? 

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