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New Year, New Challenge | No Clothes Shopping for a Year!

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So, I'm always one to make quick decisions.  One of my quick decisions today is that I'm going to try to NOT buy any clothes this year.  Whaaaaaaaaaaat?  Yep. No Clothes. I hope to make it the whole year, but I might not.  I always love a good challenge, though!

I love clothes and I love fashion. . . almost as much as I love Sweetart Jelly beans.  Hahaha.  I have loved fashion since I was a pre-teen when my grandma got me a subscription to Seventeen magazine.  I used to pore through the August issue every year over and over again.  I used to sit in my room and draw outfits.  When I was in college, I didn't start out as a fashion major.  I went through about 5 other majors before I landed on fashion.  I just have way too many interests to choose just one!  In hindsight there are a lot of things about college that I would have done differently and a lot of things I would have done differently with my career.  But, hindsight.. .

Since getting older, I find myself wanting to be more eco-conscious.  I would love to be one of those bloggers who tries to get you to buy all of the new fashions.  I would have fun doing it too!  And I know that some of those bloggers are probably making good money with affiliates.  I could be that person!

But, here's the thing.  I can't in good conscience do that.  I'm trying to not spend money.  I'm trying to not buy so many  "new" things so that I can be more eco-conscious.  So, why would I try to get other people to do the things that I'm trying to stop?  It just doesn't make sense for me.  That doesn't mean that I poo-poo the people who do!  I love seeing the new fashions as much as the next person.  I just can't let that be me anymore.

Last year, I tried Project 333 in the Summer and did pretty well for about a month. Maybe a month and a half.  And then I failed.  I didn't fail miserably, but I didn't make it the whole 3 months with only 33 items.  So, I WON'T be doing that again.  As of right now, I'm not getting rid of any of the stuff that I currently have in my closet.

What I'm going to try to do is just work with things that I have in my house already.  And skip the thrift stores.  And skip the online shopping for clothes.  These are some of my photos from Project333 last Summer.  My fashion posts will be a LOT like this, this year.  .  . How I'm managing only using what I have without going through horrible boredom and without losing my mind. Hopefully!  

I do have some designs that I've started in Teespring, so I will be promoting those things, because I'm not going to lie. . . . I still like inspirational tees, sweats, etc.  and I've already bought some of my own designs last year. So, of course I'm going to promote those.  I will just be sticking with the ones that I already own this year and not buying any of my new designs.

And, since I already have some fabrics and patterns in my house and I think my sewing machine is currently working, I might be sewing some clothes if I get bored enough to do it!

The things that I wouldn't mind promoting on my blog are any eco-conscious companies, and any companies that recycle or upcycle things.  You catch my thrift. . . I mean drift, right?

This will DEFINITELY be a challenge for me.  I DO love going to the thrift store and picking up something "new to me."

What do you think?  Could you stop shopping for clothes for a year?

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