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2 1/2 Years to Complete my 50 Before Fifty List!!!

I just realized I only have 2 1/2 years to finish the things on my 50 before Fifty list.

I think some of the things are going to have to be moved to my 60 before Sixty list and be replaced with something else.  I've decided to actually begin writing my 60 before Sixty list.  I was thinking to myself, "That's 12 years away (60). Logan will be 26 by then! That's plenty of time to do some stuff," and then I realized it's been 7 years since I've made the 50 before Fifty list and THOSE years went by fast!  Time flies doesn't it?  I think that's why it's important to even have lists.  Life goes on whether you're taking part in it or not.  😉 That thought can be either scary or inspiring.

The things I think I need to move to my 60 before Sixty list are these:

*Drive Historic Route 66 (I know that parts don't exist anymore, but there are guidebooks online)  For now, I think I'll just have to change my 50 before Fifty item to "eat at a restaurant on Route 66", which we did last summer when we were out west in Arizona.

*Take the kids to a Florida State Football game.

*Go for a spa weekend.

Here are 2 of things that I've added to replace the ones above:

Thrift an outfit every week for a year ~~  which is the exact opposite of my challenge to myself this year, which was no clothes buying for a year.  So, 2019 will be the year I attempt this.  Of course, I will need to re-donate or sell clothes as I purchase new ones.

Go pescatarian for 1 month.  Don't think this one needs any explanation. 

What should my last one be?  I need one more thing to replace the ones I've taken off. 


Do you make a list?

You can see the entire 50 Before Fifty List at this link:

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