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Our Year of "Being" That's Just Not Going to Happen

I struggle so much between wanting to let go and live simply. . . . and being that "boss babe" who hustles continuously.  If you looked at the people I follow in my Instagram feed, you would clearly be able to tell that my following list is bipolar.  Many of the people that I follow preach simplicity and living in the moment and appreciating what you have.  The other half of the people I follow preach never giving up, continuous hustle, and making your dreams come true with hard work, persistence and oomph.

I kind of giggled about it the other day because they really do seem opposite of each other.  And I guess it's good to have both viewpoints in an effort to maintain balance.

We were having a particularly trying week here last week.  My hubby was frustrated with technology and he really is trying to do too much.  He works his normal 8 - 4 job, has his own business on the side, is going to school and is trying to have two of his patents licensed.  He's up to his eyeballs (or beyond) in work.

He's having pains in his neck from looking at technology all the time. He's desperate for a vacation or time off.  And with everything going on, he sometimes gets cranky.

Last week was so bad I actually devised a plan to talk to him about taking time off from everything except his 8 - 4 job.  I kept repeating "One year."  "It's only one year."  "Just a year." 

I didn't want him to quit hustling forever.  I just wanted one year of peace.  One year. Just one year. After that year, he could get back to the grind.

The thing is, it's not going to happen. I wasn't able to convince him of anything!  He's going to keep working himself to death and I'm going to keep listening to whatever complaints he has.  Our kids are going to keep getting older. We're going to keep getting older.  And he's going to keep working more than I'd like him to until he reaches whatever "set point" he has in his mind that = success.  Hopefully that set point doesn't change. . . . . but I know it will. 

At which point do you stop the grind and just relax and appreciate the things that you've already been blessed with?  I knew that our (my) plan wouldn't work unless all four members of our family were on board.  And, they're obviously not.  So, my next question is. . . . .how can I have my year of peace without feeling guilty about all the work he's trying to do?  I believe the answer is: I can't.  Of course I will always try to appreciate each moment I've been given.  I think that's just good living.  And maybe I can convince him to take some breaks now and then.

I did see someone on Instagram the other day say they had a weekend of "being", which was awesome because I'm not the only one who has that goal.  But truthfully, maybe her way is much better.  Maybe I can get at least a weekend out of him at some point in time.

My dream (beyond our normal 40 hr. work week) =
image source

Our reality right now (in addition to regular 40 hr. work week) =

As far as my own stuff, I definitely need to set normal "work" hours for myself so that I can use the rest of my time for family stuff and maybe that would allow me to focus more on productivity during "working" hours.

How do you balance the need to be (more than) productive and still maintain some simplicity in your life?

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